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Bye Bye New Zealand; October 30, 2003      click on picture
Auckland Airport, NZ - October 30, 2003

On October 2002 the journey begins in Karmiel, Israel.  All the bags are packed, Im ready to go...  Destination: New Zealand!  It is a dream that became a goal, a goal that became reality.

Welcome to the best story of my life: going out there for the first time; Leaving my lovely home and nation to another culture's land, in the wide world.

It started with the worlds busy junction city of Bangkok, Thailand.
The first month was getting around in this foreign country, traveling to the quiet Thai north, and crossing to the even quieter next door neighbor: the land of Laos.

The big plus points of traveling arose immediately: Exploring different cultures, Eating new tasty food, Learning to say Hello in different languages and Meeting new friends. The list of friends from around the world is on the rise!

The flight to New Zealand was via Australia. Well, If I got as far as the giant continent of the south, so I might as well stay for a taste: in two concentrated weeks along east coast of Auzzi-land.

On November 25, 2002 I finally got there: Kiwi-Land, Aotearoa, The Land of The Long White Cloud. For eleven wonderful months I was breathing mountains and green hills, gasping beaches of Pacific Ocean and coastline of Tazman Sea, listening to many birds and culture exchanging with the friendly Maori people. New Zealand added a new layer to me dancing world: Performing oriental dance abroad and working with Kiwi children in Creative Dance.  Now I had a new dream, a new goal, and an upcoming reality: learning dance in a culture's native soil; enrich me dancing repertory in an authentic way.

The long way back home was an unexpected journey. It was time of action and accomplishment with the Thai Classical Dance of north Thailand (Chiang Mai City), Nepali Folk Dance (Pokhara, Nepal) and Indian Classical Dance, Kuchipudi style (Bangalore, south India).

This is my story of world tour and spiritual journey. It is the last part of my first world journey and the beginning of a wonderful, rhythmic, moving and professional new journey in my life.

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