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Kuchipudi Style- Solo Program: "Pooja"

A solo performance In Classical Indian Dance following ancient stories and tradition from the Indian subcontinent.
Dance: Yael Tal (Israel)
Choreography, Music and Concept: Guru Vyjayanthi Kashi (India)
Costume: India, authentic dress for Kuchipudi style.Indian Dance is a combination of vibrant rhythms, ancient scriptures, mythology, story telling, great devotion meeting in harmony and grace.
Kuchipudi is a dance-drama style originated in the state of Andra Pradesh, India.
In this performance the artist is telling about major characters in Indian mythology, dancing to energetic music and rhythmic patterns. In between the dances, there will be fascinating pictures from a journey in the land of India.

Collaboration - Classical Indian Dance Styles:

Two Colors of India
An interesting meeting of two Israeli dancers with Indian Classical dance.
Tales from India's culture performed in tow classical styles:
Kuchipudi- Yael Tal
Kathak- Mayala

An interesting meeting of  Israeli dancers with Indian Classical dance.
A meeting between north and South.
Kuchipudi- yael Tal
Odissi- Yuval Nataraj

An interesting meeting of three Israeli dancers with Indian Classical dance.
Tales from India's culture performed in three classical styles:
Kuchipudi- Yael Tal
Kathak - Galit Maidani-Luman
Bharatanatyam - Ofra Hoffman

Collabotration -  Indian and other Dance Styles:

Eyes to the East
A fusion of Gypsy bellydance and Indian Dance.
Tales of woman of different cultures through two dance styles.
Yael Tal- Indian Dance
Lea Tolidano-Oriental and Gypsy Bellydance


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